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Pokemon/SU: We... Are the X/Y Gems
AU time!!
Let's say... Steven Universe AU with Pokémon X/Y characters.
Featuring Calem as Steven Universe,
Diantha (Diopside) as Garnet,
Celosia (Corundum) as Ruby,
Bryony (Bloodstone) as Sapphire,
Lysandre (Fluorite) as Amethyst (but with his gem on his forehead),
Professor Augustine Sycamore (Azurite) as Pearl (but with his gem on his chest),
Malva (Moonstone) as Rose Quartz,
Valerie as Greg Universe,
Aliana (Andesite) as Lapis Lazuli,
Xerosic (Zircon) as Peridot,
Mable (Morganite) as Jasper,
Tierno as Sour Cream,
Trevor as Buck Dewey,
Shauna as Jenny Pizza,
Serena as Connie,
Dexio as Lars,
Sina as Sadie,
AZ (Black Diamond) as Yellow Diamond,
And that's all I've got so far.
I also came up with designs for Calem and Serena a little while ago. When I find them, they're getting posted.
:iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 0 0
DP: You're backwards by MelloRoxas13 DP: You're backwards :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 0 Pokemon/SU: Heliotrope and Yellow Zircon by MelloRoxas13 Pokemon/SU: Heliotrope and Yellow Zircon :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 3 2 Pokemon: OTP Drawing by MelloRoxas13 Pokemon: OTP Drawing :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 3 2 Daisy and Peri by MelloRoxas13 Daisy and Peri :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 2 0 Daisy's Trainer Card by MelloRoxas13 Daisy's Trainer Card :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 2 0 Butterfly Flight by MelloRoxas13 Butterfly Flight :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 7 7 DPFC: Ruth Sorensen/LovelessXXX by MelloRoxas13 DPFC: Ruth Sorensen/LovelessXXX :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 2 1 Happy Halloween! by MelloRoxas13 Happy Halloween! :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 0 DPFC: Roxy Phantasia by MelloRoxas13 DPFC: Roxy Phantasia :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 0 DPFC: Roxy Williams by MelloRoxas13 DPFC: Roxy Williams :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 0
DPFC: Roxy Williams/Phatasia -UPDATED-
Roxana "Roxy" Elise Williams/Roxy Phantasia
Sex & Gender:
Female (XX), genderfae (towards the middle of the list), uses she/her pronouns
Romantic & Sexual Orientation:
Polyamorous panromantic demisexual/pansexual
Human-ghost hybrid, aka halfa (formerly full human)
May 15, 199_
Depending on when shown, currently between 14 - 16
Height & Weight:
5'1 1/4", ~94 lbs.
87.5% German/Prussian, 12.5% Welsh
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Current Residence:
Amity Park, Kentucky (in this universe), USA
Edward "Ed" Matthew Williams (father)
Elizabeth "Liz/Lizzie" Roxanne Maul Williams (mother)
Matthew "Mattie" Gary Williams (older brother)
Royal "Roy" Elias Williams/Roy Phantasia (failed clone)
:iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 3 0
KH: Xion Poem (revised)
"Xion" by E**** C. M***
Kingdom Hearts characters call her a
Sham or a
Puppet. She is only a tool whose
Use is to wield a
Keyblade to create
Kingdom Hearts.
Many fans see her as a
Filler or a
Mary-Sue, the character whose
Use is to take up
Space and ruin their
I know her as a
Girl who enjoyed having
Sea-salt ice cream with her
Friends. She sacrificed her
Existence for
Roxas' sake.
May the fans
Know someday that
Xion is not a
Sue, and she is a
True, true friend to
:iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 0
Message to Anxiety
E**** C. M***
I am berated every day,
Not by a person, but by
Yes, I’m looking at you; actually, I’m
In you. I've been trapped in your murky,
Terrifying depths since
I was twelve. You chained me and fed off my fears,
And pillaging my body as you do so. My stomach
Knots up. My hands
Shiver and sweat. My heart
Pounds heavily in my chest. My throat
Constricts and attempts to choke me.
Why do you berate me? Is it because I’m an
Honors student? Because I have
No confidence? Because, to you, I’m just
A twig?
I don’t get it.
I’m chained to you with
No way out. But I know it’s possible
To escape. I have done so for
Succinct periods of time, with the help of
Jarod, and
Alas, I’m never free for
Long. Your grip remains
Steadfast, like I’m a dog
Chained to a post.
I’m not your dog, and
I’m not a toy for you to
:iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 0
SHA: Insecure Girl by MelloRoxas13 SHA: Insecure Girl :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 5 SHA: Unlucky Ghost by MelloRoxas13 SHA: Unlucky Ghost :iconmelloroxas13:MelloRoxas13 1 0


Tiny by perelka-l Tiny :iconperelka-l:perelka-l 11 6 Ghetsis B/W icon by Nikka-A Ghetsis B/W icon :iconnikka-a:Nikka-A 3 2 Young Ghetsis [Flat Color] by annabre24 Young Ghetsis [Flat Color] :iconannabre24:annabre24 6 0 U just mad by Gwenathan U just mad :icongwenathan:Gwenathan 8 3 Autumn (Colored) by YamiMarieaIshtar Autumn (Colored) :iconyamimarieaishtar:YamiMarieaIshtar 18 3 smol bby by X-SunnyFriendship-X smol bby :iconx-sunnyfriendship-x:X-SunnyFriendship-X 21 2 gemsona by X-SunnyFriendship-X gemsona :iconx-sunnyfriendship-x:X-SunnyFriendship-X 27 0



Hey guys, I'm no longer going to be on this account. If you're interested in my works, you can find me over at

I'm going to be reposting some of my art that I'm proud of from here over there.
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  • Reading: Something biology related
  • Watching: Probably Goat Simulator videos
  • Playing: Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake.

Thank you for listening,

-deviantART staff

I don't want you guys to know my actual name. What you are allowed to know is that I am obsessed with Danny Phantom, Animaniacs & Pinky and the Brain, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, SheZow, Death Note, Hetalia, KagePro, and various other anime, cartoons, and other things. I love to write and sketch as well, though my sketches aren't as good as the work of others.

However, I will tell you a bit more about myself. My birthday is May 15, I'm 15, I adore cartoons and anime, I love Kingdom Hearts, and Wreck-It Ralph is currently my favorite movie.

One thing that you must understand about me: There are a lot of pairings that I don't really like all that much. However, I respect all people who like whatever pairings they want (Ex. For Kingdom Hearts, I hate AkuRoku and XemSaï with a burning passion; however, I respect people who like those pairings.).

Favorite Ships:
Danny Phantom:
Danny x Sam (Amethyst Ocean) (I like the cannon, even though it could have been written better (especially Sam; she could have been less of an asshole in Season 3).)
Tucker x Valerie (Silly Hunter)
Danny x Valerie (Grey Ghost) (Not my favorite, but still cute.)
Ghostwriter x Jazz (Classic Cliché) (Just look at it. It's a crack pairing that makes sense!)
Skulker x Ember (It's rocky, though, and doesn't end well.)
Dash x Paulina (See above.)
Kwan x Star (hehe, don't ask why because I don't really know)
Youngblood x Dani (Even though it was an accident in my fan universe, it's still cute.)
Technus x Desiree
Freakshow x Lydia
Johnny 13 x Kitty
Box Ghost x Lunch Lady (Also cannon)
Walker x Spectra
Poindexter x Dora (as in the dragon ghost)
If done well, Danny x OC

Death Note:
Ryuk x Rem (Don't ask.)
Mello x Matt
Near x Everyone (I'M SORRY!)
Mikami x Gevanni (The weird crap my mind comes up with astounds me...)
Onesided Mikami x Light (Because of his total fanboy attitude towards his god.)

Too many to even think of listing... basically everything minus one or two.

Pinky and the Brain:
Brinky (Pinky x Brain) (THEY HAD A KID FOR PETE'S SAKE!)

Kingdom Hearts:
Saïx x Larxene (Electric Moon)
Roxas x Xion (I don't care if they're technically the same person.)
Axel x Demyx (Flaming Ocean)
Xigbar x Luxord (Space-Time Continuum)
Sora x Kairi
Sora x Riku
Riku Replica (Repliku) x Naminé
Onesided Xemnas x Saïx (Xemnas only.)
Any cannon Disney ship/ship that makes sense.
Any Final Fantasy ship whose characters appear in KH.

Least Favorite Ships:
Danny Phantom:
Tucker x Sam (I really cannot see it happening. Ever.)
Danny x Ember (Also can't see happening.)
Danny x Star (Still not seeing it.)
Pompous Pep (Do I need to explain?)
Pretty much any ship that I really can't see happening.

Death Note:
Near x Matt (Okay, I don't really dislike this ship; I just find it a little weird and can't see it at all.)
Mello x Near (There's no way this could happen. Well, it could on Near's part, but unless you did an AU, there's no way it's happening.)
Light x Misa (He used her!)
Anyone with Takada (Mostly because I can't stand her or see anyone with her.)
For that matter, anyone with Light (Again, can't see anyone with him.)

USUK (Even if America said he wasn't England's brother anymore, I see it as incest.)
Franada (See above.)
Probably one or two others that aren't coming to mind.

Kingdom Hearts:
Riku x Kairi

Doctor Who Stamp by Oatzy Doctor Who Stamp by Malcassairo Doctor Who Stamp by Zalina678 Tenth Doctor Stamp by Carthoris Organization XIII Stamp by SweetDuke Stamp that never was. by jeeshgirl :thumb402173686: It isn't Literature Reduex by Polar-Dragon Saix Fan Stamp by Morrygan Saix fan =/= XemSai fan by arjuu-na :thumb347505143: AkuDemy stamp by SitarPlayerIX DP: Danny Phantom Support Stamp by Gryphonia Danny Phantom Pairing Stamp 2 by The-Clockwork-Crow The Ghostwriter typing stamp by AmadErik Here Comes Twilight Stamp by Kevfin Twilight Sparkle Stamp by spurrinkles Twilight Sparkle Fan Stamp by Shiiazu Princess Twilight stamp by paulinaghost Princess Twilight stamp by Mel-Rosey Luka-chan Stamp by aristodemelugix lukalukalukalukalukalukaluka by just-stamps :thumb346389504: Akatsuki Arrival Stamp 1 by skill-hunter Girl star wars fan stamp by evilncutebunni2


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